We have nine gravel pit locations and mobile equipment that can be set up and deployed on-site. We produce many aggregate products including rock, gravel, screenings, sand, crusher fines, topsoil, gravel, and fill dirt. We maximize recycling materials because we are committed to supporting a sustainable environment.

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Idaho Sand And Gravel Pit Locations

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      • Rock
      • Gravel
      • Screenings
      • Sand
      • Crusher Fines
      • Topsoil
      • Washed Pea Gravel
      • Fill Dirt
      • Gypsum
      • Cinders
      • Landscape Boulders
      • Asphalt Aggregates

      Specialty Portable Crushing

      Depatco provides onsite crushing and screening of concrete, asphalt, gravel, and various rock material from multiple quarries in the greater Eastern Idaho area throughout the Snake River region. Our portable crushing equipment includes a crusher, screening plant and conveyors to process these materials into various sizes depending on the customer’s specifications. We are happy to convert what could be a waste product into a reusable product for the project owner. In addition to recycling the material on-site, the aggregate can also be sold or traded with other nearby projects, as appropriate. For more information on aggregates or portable crushing, contact us.




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