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Finish the surroundings of your home or commercial space with custom driveways, walkways, walls and patios using the affordable and lasting concrete paver. With endless color options and a variety of paver styles, shapes, and textures, the concrete paver can seamlessly incorporate the beauty of your landscaping into your property’s groundwork.

Why use Pavers for your Outdoor Space?

Concrete pavers come in interlocking and standard designs and can be laid on top of concrete or on a sand base. The intricacy of paver pattern is up to the owner, which means simple designs are an economic way to do it yourself. No matter the design, concrete pavers make a statement that will have your neighbors envious.

Beyond beauty, concrete pavers are a high-strength, low maintenance option. Pavers are made in molds that pack the aggregate mix extremely tight to create a sturdier surface than poured concrete. Because pavers are individual units, the natural joints between each paver will “give” with pressure, expansion and contraction, eliminating the cracking inherent to conventional asphalt and concrete pavement.

Concrete pavers are one of the most inexpensive footing materials to maintain with a 30+ year life expectancy. In the unlikely event that a paver does crack or break, replacing the paver is as simple as pulling out the damaged section and slipping in a new.

Types of Paver Styles


cobblestone paver, concrete pavers, paver stylesCobblestone Pavers

Add the perfect touch to your outdoor area with Cobblestone pavers. Smooth or tumbled, this product offers an old century European feel to your space. Cobblestone comes in three rich colors -Harvest Blend, Dark Chestnut and Lava Flow- and two sizes, six inch by six inch and six inch by nine inch.

Design your custom landscape using just one stone or a combination of shapes and colors.

holland paver, paver designsHolland Pavers

The Holland paver keeps your space cheerful throughout the seasons. This paver collection brings a classic tone to your space, and is available in nine distinct colors.

Keep your space traditional with the smooth style or choose the tumbled option for a warmer, antique look. Holland pavers come in four inch by eight inch blocks.


The strength and durability of this gorgeous material is perfect for retaining walls, freestanding landscape walls, outdoor fireplaces and more.

The Tumble-Roc line is offered in a standard four inch by twelve inch by eight inch size block. Color options include:  Harvest Blend, Lava Flow and Dark Chestnut.

Windsor Stone, Retaining wall stoneWindsor Stone

Landscape with Windsor Stone to bring a traditional charm to your outdoor space. The timeless feel of this block is perfect for retaining walls, planters and garden walls. The unique block shape allows for use in both curved and straight walls.

Windsor Stone is available in the following colors: Natural, Geneva Brown, Sandstone, Tan
and Desert Sandstone

paver styles, retaining wall paversDiamond Stone

The Diamond Stone wall collection is contractor approved for strength and durability. This collection is available in both straight and beveled face options. Simple or complex, projects built with Diamond Stone stand the test of time.

Diamond Stone wall units are available in the following colors: Natural, Geneva Brown, Sandstone, Tan and Desert Sandstone

versa-lok pavers, wall paversVersa-Lok

The Versa-Lok Standard unit is perfect for a variety of projects: straight retaining walls, curved walls, corners, columns, stairs and freestanding walls. This concrete block offers a low-absorption, high-strength option for commercial and residential projects.

Versa-Lok units are available in these colors: Natural, Geneva Brown, Sandstone, Tan and Desert Sandstone.

versa-lok square foot, versa-lok paversVersa-Lok Square Foot

Versa-Lok Square Foot is a premium cored unit that covers a full square foot of wall face economically, making it a low-cost alternative for commercial or residential applications. The block comes in a trapezoidal shape and has a top-pinning system allowing for more accurate alignment, tighter vertical joints and easy installation.

Square foot units can be purchased in these colors: Natural, Geneva Brown, Sandstone, Tan and Desert Sandstone.


Paver Colors

paver colors, colors of pavers, brick colors

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