Jesus Estrada found his calling in construction in large part because of his father’s influence. 

“My dad, Ignacio, has been working at Sunroc for over 30 years,” Jesus said. “Seeing his love for his work and the company inspired me to join too. I love being outdoors and working with my hands. Construction just clicked with me.” 

Diverse Experience Leads to New Opportunities 

Over the years, Jesus has held various positions at Sunroc, gaining experience and expertise in different areas. His current position gives him leadership experience that he loves. 

“I’ve been with Sunroc since February 2007,” Jesus said. “I’ve had some breaks along the way, but this company feels like home to me. I started as a laborer, then became an equipment operator. Now, I have the opportunity to be a foreman, and I’m thrilled about that. It’s a chance to learn and grow beyond just operating machines.” 

“I’ve known Jesus for over 16 years, dating back to when he first started here,” said Jeremy Black, General Superintendent. “He’s exceptionally skilled at what he does, particularly with skid steers. I can’t recall anything he’s not good at, to be honest. 

“Jesus believes in doing things right the first time and always takes great pride in his work. He has a natural ability to bring people together and inspire them to work harder—that’s precisely why we made him a foreman. His team respects him, and they are willing to go the extra mile because of the leadership he provides.” 

Embracing the Rewards that Come with Challenges 

Being a foreman comes with its challenges, but Jesus embraces them with open arms. 

“The most rewarding part is being involved with people,” Jesus said. “I get to interact with my team, support them, and ensure everything runs smoothly. It’s a challenge, but I believe in myself and my ability to lead.” 

Aside from his passion for construction, Jesus is eager to learn more and excel at a company that has done so much for him and his family. 

“I want to improve my skills and be at the forefront of these technological advancements,” Jesus said. “There are opportunities here to advance. Sunroc is a good company, and the long-term benefits are excellent, especially for those with families.” 

Overcoming Language Barriers 

Jesus’s journey hasn’t been without obstacles though, especially since English is his second language.  

“Learning the language was tough, but Sunroc supported me every step of the way,” Jesus said. “The company pushed me to improve, and I’m grateful for that. I want to keep learning and improving while taking on additional responsibilities. I want to be the best I can be for my family and myself.” 

With a bright future ahead and a team that values his knowledge and work ethic, Jesus continues to inspire those around him. Sunroc is fortunate to have someone like Jesus leading by example in Building a Better Community.

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