Until Matt Tebbs began working for Sunroc, he didn’t know that a fulfilling career could be made in the construction industry.  

“I worked at other construction companies for 20+ years, but I always tried to find a way out of the industry,” Matt said. “I quickly realized Sunroc was a place you could retire from. The company has so much going for it.” 

Matt has appreciated opportunities to advance within the company. After seven years at Sunroc, he now works as a general superintendent in the Cedar City, Utah, area. 

“I started out as an operator before gradually moving into lead positions when there were opportunities,” Matt said. “I was a foreman for a few years before they decided to split St. George and Cedar City into two areas, offering me a general superintendent position along the way. I’m still learning every day.” 

It’s an adjustment that hasn’t always been easy, but Matt has learned valuable communication skills that have helped him excel in his position. 

“By nature, I’m very timid and quiet,” Matt said. “Sunroc has taught me to be more confident and patient. I’ve learned to communicate better in many different situations. What I enjoy most about my job is the development opportunities and seeing people grow as leaders. It’s fun to watch our employees and see their skills getting better and better.” 

Witnessing the team effort it takes to complete a project is something Matt finds extremely rewarding. 

“Looking at what you’ve accomplished and built as a team is really satisfying,” Matt said. “There are a lot of jobs out there in construction, but only one has the team members I work with. I truly enjoy working with them.” 

Working at Sunroc has been life changing for Matt and so many others like him. 

“Sunroc has created opportunities for its employees to truly have a career path in construction,” Matt said. “It’s something that I don’t take for granted. It’s important to be reliable and teachable—you’ll excel in this industry if you are. There is a lot of opportunity within Sunroc and being teachable will help you get there.” 

When Matt isn’t on the job, he enjoys devoting time to his family.  

“We’re a ranching family, so living in Cedar City lets me spend time with my kids without facing many distractions from the world,” Matt said. “My family is very important to me, and I like the fact that Sunroc is also very family oriented. The company has always been very supportive of families.” 

As a primarily family-owned and operated company, Sunroc was founded on certain values that stay constant, including “We Value People.” In the end, it’s Sunroc’s commitment to values that helps it complete its mission of Building a Better Community. 

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