For Shad Mecham, job satisfaction is fundamental when it comes to seeking out a potential employer. When some friends who worked at Sunroc told him about the company, he decided to take the leap and commit to working here.

“I was working at Kilgore Companies before,” Shad said. “Everything my friends said about Sunroc was very appealing to me — the kind of family atmosphere that they have, all the benefits they offer, and stuff the company does for its employees was very appealing to me, so I jumped in.”

Shad has been with the company for eight years, serving as a grader operator for the majority of his time. He was recently promoted to be a site supervisor. Brannon Burton, the area manager of construction, believes he has made an incredible impact during his time with the company.

“Shad leads with humility and by example,” Brannon said. “He pays attention to the small details and ensures a remarkably high-quality product for the owner. He will humbly do whatever he’s asked. Shad is loyal through thick and thin and embodies what it means to be grateful.”

It’s easy for Shad to find and express gratitude for his job and employer, given the enjoyment he feels at work.

“I really enjoy what I do,” Shad said. “Sunroc has been a great company to work for. Other companies have a lot of inherent challenges, but that hasn’t really been the case at Sunroc. You learn to grow with the company, trying to learn your responsibilities and how to accomplish them. These last eight years at Sunroc though have been pretty great — the best of my career.”

The most satisfying element of Shad’s job comes at the end of the day when the crew steps back and looks at what they’ve constructed.

“Just to see the progress of things that we build and being able to go back and look at things I’ve helped build in the past has been so much fun,” Shad said. “Seeing the growth of the community where I work and live is my favorite part of being in the industry.

“It’s really a family atmosphere here. I haven’t really met anyone that I don’t enjoy working with. Everybody’s really easy to get along with. I tell people all the time that they should think about applying to Sunroc.”

Sunroc is always looking to hire the best in the business. The company leads the industry with competitive pay, employee advancement programs, education and training incentives, and generous profit sharing. Shad can’t wait to talk about these perks and more to future employees of the company. He also hopes to share his knowledge of the industry with new hires.

“I’d like to pass on all of my knowledge and the skills I’ve learned over the years,” Shad said. “That’s what I’m looking forward to as the next phase of my career.”

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