After moving in as a transplant to Eagle, Idaho, Timothy Sullivan wasn’t exactly sure where his construction career path would take him. 

“We moved from California to Idaho about a year and a half ago,” Timothy said. “I quickly needed to find a job. It’s kind of a long story, but I eventually ended up applying to Sunroc without knowing a whole lot about the construction industry in the area. I feel that I kind of lucked out that I got steered this direction to work for this company.” 

Sunroc turned out to be a perfect match for both Timothy and the company. Timothy’s extensive experience helped him quickly catch on and excel in the way that Sunroc does business. 

“I started work in the construction industry pretty early on in life,” Timothy said. “When I started at the age of 21, my father and uncle were already in the trade. That helped give me a path to start my career. I never turned back after that.” 

After 16 years at his first construction company, Timothy quickly learned the difference that Sunroc makes for its employees. 

“This is the second construction company I’ve worked for,” Timothy said. “Leaders at Sunroc seem very receptive to different ideas of how to do things. People seem to genuinely like to work together to achieve goals. Everybody is friendly and enjoys working with each other and collaborating on ideas.” 

Collaboration is a key component of Timothy’s day-to-day work as he and his team members work together to accomplish goals. 

“I enjoy working with the guys I work with,” Timothy said. “I enjoy having goals set throughout the day, and then at the end of every day, you see the progression towards the final goal that you set. It’s nice to see things getting completed.” 

Not only does Timothy help complete goals with his team, but he also helps complete physical roads and parking lots throughout Idaho. As a construction foreman, Timothy is very involved with finishing the projects that Sunroc prides itself in completing. 

Even though he’s only been with Sunroc for a short time, Timothy appreciates feeling appreciated by the company. 

“For the time that I’ve been here, I feel like Sunroc is a good place to work,” Timothy said. “I think Sunroc understands that in any type of position there’s a learning process. They’re big on giving people a shot to try to learn something new to advance their knowledge of the business and not just keep people stagnant doing the same thing forever.  

“There’s a lot of teaching different parts of the trade and trying to grow knowledge of the business. They seem eager to help people move up and learn new things. I think that’s a really cool part of Sunroc, to have that kind of mentality.” 

For now, Timothy plans to continue working hard and taking advantage of any opportunity that comes his way to continue to learn about and grow the business. 

“This is a great company to work for, and I’m glad I found an opportunity here,” Timothy said.



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