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Northern Utah’s Contractor of Choice

After eight decades, we’re proud to still be delivering the quality materials, expert service and unmatched satisfaction our customers have come to expect. We stand by our commitment to produce only the best for our clients. We didn’t get the reputation as the preferred partner by sitting back. Your projects are our projects, and that means your success is our top priority.


Quality projects require quality materials. Give your job a running start with the intermountain west’s finest sand & gravel products. With over fifty unique aggregate reserves, Sunroc offers the materials you need at a location convenient to your project. Exceptional pit diversity allows us to produce a wide range of materials to fulfill your specific project needs.

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When it comes to brick, block, paver and stone, Sunroc has the manufactured rock you’re looking for. With our wide selection of shapes, textures, and custom colors, masterfully complete your residential, commercial or industrial project. Ask us about our masonry products specifically designed for Utah and Nevada landscapes. If you’re looking for excellent service, higher quality, and better value, Sunroc masonry supply is the architectural product source for you.



Our goal is to make your project a success. From demolition, earthwork, site development and utilities to custom projects and asphalt paving, we understand that our attention to detail makes all the difference on the outcome of your project. Our commitment to the customer hasn’t changed, and it won’t. Whether we’ve had 10 people on our team or 1,000, we recognize the client’s needs as our top priority. We’re going to be there, and we’re going to exceed your expectations.

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Deep Foundations

We have the experience and capability to tackle the largest piling and shoring projects but are small enough to provide personal service and attention to every detail, on every project. Our services included PreCast PreStressed Concrete Piles, H-Piles, Pipe Piles, Soldier Piles, Sheet Piles, and Shotcrete.

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They will tell you straight up if it can be done in that amount of time. They'll talk through the logistics of what's need. They are dedicated to making a project successful. The have the resources to get it done, and that's what I like about Sunroc. They respond to you like they are a small comapny that wants to perform. I rely heavily on them, and they've never let me down.

Reed Price, Vice President / Jacobsen Construction

Sunroc is a performer. We really believe that we are only as good as our subcontractors. When Sunroc is on the project, we just know it's going to get taken care of, and if there are any issues, they those issues are going to be taken care of as well. It makes it so I don't have to worry if that part of the project is going to get done. It makes it so that I can sleep well at night.

Gifford Briggs, VP of Constuction / Big D Construction

We've really had a true partnership with Sunroc to be able to get everything planned out and to be able to execute and get things done on time and even ahead of schedule.

Weston Woolsey, General Superintendent / Okland Construction

The one suprising thing about Sunroc is they are a very large company, but they still operate like a small company. If you need somebody, you call them up, and you don't have to go through three people. I think that is what is quite impressive about a company that has that kind of capability.

Casey Houweling, Owner / Houweling's Tomatoes

I appreciate Sunroc’s ability to make and deliver block orders quickly, their ready selection of masonry products, and their competitive pricing. Sunroc block is the best bang for your buck! Best in stock selection of colors at the best pricing.

Trey Orsak, Project Manager / IMS Masonry

When we receive a bid from Sunroc, we know that it's going to be a very competitive number. We know that there are certain projets that we go after, that we won that project because of our bid from Sunroc. The perormance of our subcontractors is what makes Big D who we are.

Gifford Briggs, VP of Constuction / Big D Construction


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