H-pile installation for UPRR bridge (48) HP14x89 H-piles, driven 80’ deep & New Bridge Construction

This project was accomplished under (2) separate contracts:

  • H-pile installations were accomplished with 3 live main-line tracks, one of which carries high-speed commuter rail at 20 minute intervals during peak hours, and 1 hour intervals during off peak hours, approximately 10 miles from the Oakland California sea port.
  • The bridge change-out was accomplished in (2) separate 30 hr curfews (or closures) of all tracks. The change-out included demo and removal of the existing timber bridge (by others), installation of precast concrete abutments and wing-walls, setting of the steel spans, and replacement of ballast materials and rails (in coordination with UPRR track crews). All tracks were returned to full rail service well ahead of the scheduled time.
  • UPRR Martinez 9.59 (1206) Completion: February 2013
  • UPRR Martinez 9.59 (1206) Contract Amount: $234,845.76
  • UPRR Martinez 9.59 – Bridge Change Out (1309) Completion: September 2013
  • UPRR Martinez 9.59 – Bridge Change Out (1309) Contract Amount: $869,314.00