Depatco is working on the site of a new beef processing facility in Idaho Falls, Idaho. As part of the site package, Depatco is performing all earthwork, utilities, and paving services. Most of the project site is being constructed on lava rock requiring a large amount of blasting, rock hammering, and excavation of rock. Additionally, multiple contractors working together at the same time makes planning and coordination extremely important in this project.

Additionally, crews are constructing two ponds from materials on site. The first, a covered anaerobic lagoon, has a volume of 5.1 million gallons. The second is an irrigation storage pond with a volume of 20 million gallons. The ponds contain 10″ and 8″ water mains, a pressurized sewer system, and a storm system. The project requires 6,000 tons of asphalt to complete the 165,000 square foot building. Sixteen employees are working on site with four excavators, one excavator with a rock hammer, two loaders, two haul trucks, two water trucks, one D6 dozer, two rollers, and numerous trucks importing material. The project is expected to complete in Fall 2022.