Sunroc teamed up with Cedar City Corporation to rebuild the Cedar City Regional Airport. The current runway was last rebuilt in 1989, with an overlay performed about 11 after that added another decade to its lifespan. With a dated lighting system and a nonstandard longitudinal slope, the runway in 2020 was due for a complete reconstruction.

This project consisted of a Full Runway 2-20, Runway 8-26 Reconstruction and RSA Safety Grading, completed in phases to accommodate the local SUU aviation school and local FedEx deliveries.

Sunroc used innovative methods on this project, including the following:

Sunroc maintained extremely tight survey control with verified control points approximately every 1000.’ A combination of 3D GPS control and Total Station control was used to fine-tune the finish grade elevation of the subbase and base. A robotic paint machine was utilized to mark edges of all pavements and paving lanes, maintaining straight joints and pavement edges. The entire site was constructed solely with 3D machine-controlled equipment. The GPS system set up on-site was used by both the contractor and the surveyor to maximize efficiency in results for the tight grade tolerances achieved.

Echelon Paving was used to reduce longitudinal cold joints in the runway surface, improving consistency in asphalt compaction and extending the life of the runway.

Overburden from an old iron mine was sourced for P-209 base under asphalt, reducing the number of resources required from local commercial pits. A close material source was also found and met specifications for P-152 borrow. This reduced the amount of truck traffic to the public as well as the environmental impact.

Nick Holt, Cedar City Airport Manager, stated, “With a new runway, and an economy that has fared better than some through this pandemic, this project will help in marketing efforts to bring in new business to the area.”

Ryan Marshall, Director of the Public Works Department, said, “After the reconstruction is done, we will have an upgraded airport for planes to land and passengers to enjoy. We hope that the remodeled Cedar City Airport will become a destination hub for all that Cedar City has to offer, including the Utah Shakespeare Festival, the Utah Summer Games, diversified recreational activities, and our proximity to several national parks.”

Our team demonstrated a high level of teamwork and collaboration to solve a variety of unique challenges. The project’s extremely tight schedule required Sunroc to efficiently manage labor forces, equipment, and material resources to meet project deadlines. Our team successfully planned and prepared to secure the appropriate resources to complete all deadlines. In addition, our team put in an incredible effort, typically working 11-hour days and 6 days per week. Overall, the project was completed 30 days ahead of schedule.