Sunroc teamed up with Cedar City Corporation to rebuild the Cedar City Regional Airport. The current runway was last rebuilt in 1989, with an overlay performed about 11 after that added another decade to its lifespan. With a dated lighting system and a nonstandard longitudinal slope, the runway in 2020 was due for a complete reconstruction.

The scope of the project includes the following:

  • Completely reconstructing Runway 2-20 and rehabilitating Runway 8-26. The pavement on runway 2-20 was 24-55 years old; a runway’s life expectancy is 20 years. The asphalt on Runway 8-26 was 49 years old.
  • Correct Runway 2-20’s nonstandard cross slope at intersections, areas where water ponds during storms (a safety issue), a nonstandard longitudinal slope, and nonstandard lighting where Runway 2-20 intersects with Runway 8-26.
  • Relocate a wildlife fence near Runway 2-20 outside the object free area, the MALSR lighting system needed replacement after more than 30 years, and after more than 25 years, so did the lighting and signing system.
  • Finally, the existing irrigation box culvert and pond dikes needed to be moved outside the airport property.