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Sunroc pavers, fence block and wall systems are the perfect foundation for your outdoor living space. Choose from a variety of colors, shapes and sizes, as well as a smooth or tumbled finish. View our product gallery below for landscape block ideas for your property.

  • Cobblestone Pavers
  • Holland Pavers
  • Tumble-Roc
  • Versa-Lok Standard
  • Versa-Lok Square Foot
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All block sizes are Width x Height x Length

Tonge & Groove Fence Block
6"x 2-1/4"x 16"Flat Cap- Smooth
6"x 8"x 16""Y" Cap- Smooth
6"x 8"x 8"Half Block- Smooth
6"x 8"x 16"Regular- Smooth
10"x 8"x 16""A" Wall Column- Smooth
10"x 8"x 16""H" Wall Column- Smooth
10"x 8"x 16"Corner Column- Smooth
10"x 8"x 16"Column- Smooth
6"x 8"x 8"Half Block- Splitface
6"x 8"x 16"Regular- Splitface
Slump Block
4"x 4"x 16"Half High (Cigar Block)- Smooth
8"x 2"x 16"Cap Block- Smooth
8"x 4"x 16"Regular- Smooth
8"x 6"x 8"Half Block- Smooth
8"x 6"x 16"Regular- Smooth
12"x 6"x 8"Half Block- Smooth
12"x 6"x 16"Regular- Smooth
16"x 6"x 8"Half Block- Smooth
16"x 6"x 16"Regular- Smooth
4"x 8"x 60mmHolland Paver
4"x 8"x 60mmHolland Paver- Tumbled
6"x 6"x 45mmCobble Paver
6"x 6"x 45mmSmooth, Flat Top
6"x 6"x 60mmCobble Paver
6"x 6"x 60mmSmooth, Flat Top
6"x 6"x 60mmSmooth, Flat Top- Antiqued (Tumbled)
6"x 9"x 45mmCobble Paver
6"x 9"x 45mmSmooth, Flat Top
6"x 9"x 60mmCobble Paver
6"x 9"x 60mmSmooth, Flat Top
6"x 9"x 60mmSmooth, Flat Top- Antiqued (Tumbled)
3 Piece SetCobble Paver3
1- 3"x 6", 1- 6"x 6", 1- 6"x 9" (all 60mm)
Segmental Retaining Wall
4"x 8"x 12"TumbleRoc
4"x 12"x 8"Anchor Windsor Stone
6"x 16"x 12"Anchor Diamond Wall- 3 Way Split Face
6"x 16"x 12"Anchor Diamond Wall- Straight Split Face
8"x 18"x 12"Anchor Diamond Pro- 3 Way Split Face
8"x 18"x 12"Anchor Diamond Pro- Straight Split Face
6"x 6"x 12"Anchor Highland Stone
6"x 12"x 12"Anchor Highland Stone
6"x 18"x 12"Anchor Highland Stone
6"x 16"x 12"Versa-Lok Standard
6"x 8"x 12"Versa-Lok Cobble
4"x 12"x 12"Versa-Lok Accent
3 PieceVersa-Lok Mosaic (1-Standard, 1-Cobble, 1-Accent)
8"x 18"x 12"Versa-Lok 1 Square Foot
3"x 12"x 18"Angle Sided Cap
4"x 12"x 18"Angle Sided Cap
4"x 12"x 18"Straight Sidded Cap

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