Investing in Our Drivers’ Safety

Sunroc is taking a big step forward in its goal to keep employees safe with an investment in safety cameras on the front of its commercial vehicles. These cameras will provide both external and internal views of the driving process. This will protect team members by bringing more attention to driving habits and exonerating them for not-at-fault accidents. They are being seamlessly integrated across Sunroc’s enterprise technology systems. 

Color Code of Awareness

The Color Code of Awareness is a training tool used to facilitate a mindset shift towards employee-driven safety. Sunroc uses it internally to promote situational awareness and increase effective communication to enhance overall workplace safety.

Tyfoom Trainings/Badges

Sunroc recognizes the value of micro training for maintaining current knowledge and uses Tyfoom as a daily training platform. To enhance Tyfoom’s effectiveness, the company produces internal content for greater relevance and engagement. Sunroc encourages all employees to contribute content based on their specialized knowledge to diversify micro training material, enrich the learning experience for the entire workforce, and keep employees safe. 

Sunroc also uses a Tyfoom badge system to recognize and reward extended training efforts. These badges are earned in the Tyfoom platform once a series of content-specific trainings are completed.

Smith System Driver Improvement Institute

Sunroc enables its drivers access to the Smith System Driver Improvement Institute. The Smith System is a trusted global leader in crash-avoidance driver safety training. Using the system, drivers learn proven methods to prevent crashes, reduce fuel and maintenance costs, and—most importantly—save lives.

Build Confidently With Sunroc