From highways to residential driveways, Sunroc stands out for top-tier asphalt solutions in the Intermountain West. We produce asphalt mixes at our state-of-the-art, high-capacity facilities that comply with city, state, and federal requirements, ensuring long-lasting durability. We’re prepared to assist with anything from driveway and trail jobs to complete highway, municipal and road pavement projects. For a seamless asphalt laying experience and guaranteed longevity, trust Sunroc.


Sunroc takes pride in providing top-tier asphalt paving services that lay the foundation for reliable, long-lasting roadways and surfaces. Our video showcases the dedication, expertise, and cutting-edge technology that goes into each paving project. From residential driveways to vast municipal and highway undertakings, Sunroc’s asphalt specialists ensure precision, durability, and on-time delivery, helping communities in Southern Utah thrive on dependable infrastructure. Discover the art of paving with Sunroc in this informative video.

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      This calculator will estimate the number of tons of asphalt/hot mix required for your project. The estimate is based on a density for the mix of 150 lbs per cubic foot. Densities will vary somewhat between different mixes, but this value is a standard “rule of thumb” for estimating.

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