Reduce and Recycle Construction Waste

We believe reduce, reuse, and recycle is the best policy. Sunroc diverts millions of tons of construction waste from landfills each year. Asphalt and concrete materials are crushed and processed to create new aggregate for recycled products, and hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil have been recycled. Recycled concrete and asphalt products are available to all our customers. We make it that much easier for our clients to build sustainably.

Reliance System

Sunroc’s parent company, Clyde Companies, created a software system called Reliance to help monitor healthy air quality, stay in compliance with regulations, and track permit limits for each production site. It also tracks total concrete production, tracks runtimes of water heaters and generators, and notifies employees when thresholds are met in real time.

Low NOx Generators

Sunroc operates EPA certified Tier 4 generators at its gravel pits to help reduce NOx emissions. The new generators replaced previously operated non-certified generators.

Additives that Reduce Emissions

Sunroc utilizes several types of additives in concrete mixes to help reduce the greenhouse gas footprint associated with concrete production and extend the use of the product. Encapsulating fly ash from coal-fired power plants in concrete eliminates the need to landfill the product, reducing each subsidiaries’ carbon footprint. Sister company Bridgesource primarily supplies fly ash for this purpose, but when not available, other products such as a mineral filler developed by Sunroc are used.

Build Confidently With Sunroc