Idaho Falls Airport Rehabilitation Phase I of Taxiways A/C and Runway 02-20;

Work included SWPP installation and maintenance, full depth asphalt pavement roto-milling (12″) 33,469 SY, variable depth asphalt pavement roto-milling 12,037 SY, unclassified excavation 23,993 SY, shoulder embankment placement 11,688 SY, subbase course installation (P-154) 13,850 CY, crushed aggregate base course installation (P-209) 5,547 CY, HMA pavement placement (P-401) 18,830 tons, unpaved shoulder surfacing (roto-millings) with herbicide 25,959 SY, crack sealing 5,500 LF, top soiling salvage and replace 8 acres, seeding 10.7 acres, roto-millings placement – improved areas 11,046 SY, roto-millings placement – unimproved areas 15,127 SY, precast inlet basin installation 4 EA, installation of 6-inch perforated underdrain with drain rock and fabric 10,166 LF, installation of 15-inch RCP 460 LF, installation of 18-inch RCP 316 LF, installation of 24-inch RCP 265 LF, installation of 6-inch HDPE drainage pipe 1,413 LF, installation of 18-inch CMP with aprons 90 LF, installation and improvements on airfield lighting system, installation of new airfield signage, installation of new 20-foot double leaf chain link gate, and the application of new temporary airfield markings.