Sunroc performed all the widening work on SR-14 from MP 11 to MP 12.5 in a $3.345 million project that involved significant challenges. This was a unique project, in part, because of its location up in the canyon. A lot of planning was involved to make sure things stayed on schedule.

The project itself was completed in three phases. The first phase involved a massive box culvert reconstruction. Sunroc worked around a running river and had to find the best way to divert the water flowing through it while widening it out on both sides.

The second phase involved adding a passing line for 1.5 miles on an uphill slope. To do this, Sunroc involved tree removal to clear the forest out from the new path. It was a unique opportunity to be involved with tree removal—something not common on every project.

The third phase involved bringing in materials, removing a chip and seal overlay, and paving an asphalt overlay. An overlay was proposed instead of just adding chip and seal on the road. Sunroc ended up doing a complete overlay, which turned into a nice, finished product.

The biggest challenge of the project involved groundwater. The water level at the location was extremely high. Even when putting culverts across the road, crews would hit groundwater. So, learning how to mitigate water and deal with the issues that it presented showed the amount of success Sunroc had when the project was finally completed.

This project involved a lot of teamwork and coordination to complete. Without any cell service in the area, trucking took a lot of planning to ensure timelines were met.

Sunroc had great partnering opportunities throughout the project, including with UDOT. This was Sunroc’s first digital delivery project with UDOT, which made things all the more challenging. Without paper plans of any kind, Sunroc was able to be very successful in completing this project.

Additionally, Sunroc received a smoothness bonus. The material used for the overlay was kept within UDOT’s high tolerance levels. Sunroc also received a completion bonus by ending 14 days ahead of schedule.

Some of the work performed included the following

  • 6,442 Ton HMA
  • 17,000 yards Granular Borrow
  • 5,000 yards Untreated Base course
  • Drainage structure extension
  • 2500 yards RipRap
  • 1500 Feet culvert extensions
  • 1200 Feet French Drain