For Jose Lemus, working in construction has been a family affair for decades. 

“My dad, Gerardo, was working for H.E. Davis before it was acquired by Sunroc,” Jose said. “In total, he’s been working for these two companies for about 27 years. My older brother joined Sunroc eight years ago, and both of them talked about how great the company was. They told me that I should give Sunroc a try right after high school, and if I didn’t like it, I could keep going to school. But if I did like it, I could make a nice living out of it.” 

Since then, Jose has been gaining construction knowledge and experience, most recently as an equipment operator. 

“When I first started, I was a laborer,” Jose said. “Then, I was moved to a crew helping my dad out for 7-8 months—mostly doing flat work. Eventually, I was told that I’d be given the opportunity to have my own crew, so I stepped up and answered. I’ve loved it so far.” 

It hasn’t always been easy for Jose. Coming into the industry without a lot of prior knowledge left him needing all the help he could get when he first began. 

“When I was first hired, I remember that I didn’t know anything about the machines I would be using,” Jose said. “Within the first couple of hours, they told me not to worry and that I would be taught everything I needed to know. That was comforting.” 

Taking care of its employees is one of Sunroc’s core values. “We Value People” is not just something the company says—it strives to ensure that all of its team members are trained properly and have the tools to be successful in their jobs. 

Briefly, Jose left to work at another construction company but quickly found that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. 

“That company didn’t really give you a chance to learn and grow,” Jose said. “I was familiar with certain machinery, but they wouldn’t let me handle those machines with them. I quickly realized the mistake that I had made and went back to Sunroc.” 

Now, Jose plans to stay at Sunroc for the long haul. Even though his brother recently left the company after moving out of state, Jose still gets to see his father more often than he would if they weren’t working together at the same company. His father is also an equipment operator, so the two have many shared experiences. 

“My dad and I don’t get to work together as often as we used to,” Jose said. “A lot of people don’t like to work with family, but I’ve loved it. I used to live with him, and so we would even drive up to work together. It’s always great to see him.” 

The relationship Jose has with his father, combined with the experiences he’s had at Sunroc mean that Jose isn’t planning to go anywhere again anytime soon. 

“Sunroc really gives you a chance to keep learning and progressing,” Jose said. “It’s unlike other companies in that way unless you know someone. If you’re hired for a position, you’ll stay there for a long time. Here, you have ample room for growth and promotion. It keeps you motivated to keep doing a good job. The world appears wide open here, and I love that.”

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