As an equipment operator at Sunroc, Lance Jensen is responsible for helping get the footings set beneath buildings on job sites. 

“I drive down the road and tell my boys that I dug the footings for that building and that building,” Lance said. “Getting to work on a bunch of different projects—that’s pretty cool.” 

Laying the Foundation to Arriving at Sunroc 

Lance began at Sunroc almost eight years ago after working for a landscape company in St. George. Interacting with the folks at Sunroc’s block plant and sand pit changed the course of his career. Shortly after, he decided to take the leap and apply for a position with the company. 

“I’ve always liked running machines,” Lance said. “When I was a kid, my best friend and I used to talk about starting our own company. That never happened, but I’ve been doing this type of work since I was 18 years old.” 

Creating Memorable Moments 

Lance finds great joy in the camaraderie he shares with his colleagues at Sunroc. With a tight-knit team by his side, every day becomes an opportunity to create memories while collectively building something extraordinary. 

“My favorite memories are simple ones where I’m with all the guys just working on a job,” Lance said. “We always have a great time. It’s those kinds of memories that make this feel like a family and help me enjoy coming to work.” 

Embracing Technological Advancements 

In a rapidly evolving industry, technology has become an integral part of construction. Over the years, Lance has witnessed technological advancements transforming the way work is done at Sunroc. 

“Technology really has changed the industry,” Lance said. “When I first started, GPS was just starting to become popular. Now, we have advanced systems that make our work more precise and efficient. It’s amazing how technology has improved the way we operate.” 

Recognition and Opportunity 

Lance’s commitment to Sunroc has not gone unnoticed by his superiors. His strong work ethic has earned him recognition and new opportunities at the company. 

“Three years ago, Lance transferred up from St. George,” said Jeremy Black, General Superintendent. “Since then, he has become a valuable asset for our company in Utah County. What stands out about Lance is that he’s one of our up-and-comers with remarkable leadership qualities.  

“He has proven to be dependable, and he’s always there when needed. He’s a perfect fit for our team. We’re glad to have him onboard, and I see a bright future ahead for Lance.”

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