Sunroc has invested in safety cameras for its fleet of vehicles to help prioritize the well-being of its employees and the community at large. 

After a lengthy selection process, Samsara cameras were chosen to be installed on the front of every vehicle equivalent to or over the size of a Ford F550, aligning with steps taken by all subsidiaries of Clyde Companies. 

“Clyde Companies invested in Samsara dashcams to enhance our safety program with modernized tools and allow us to provide a culture of safe drivers, internal controls, procedures, and training opportunities while at the same time individually developing drivers,” said Dan Stoddard, Construction Materials System Analyst at Clyde Companies. “A major part of all Clyde operations are on the road every day and these dashcams use AI video technology to protect our coworkers, customers, and communities by building safe driving behaviors.” 

The cameras offer external and internal views of the driving environment, promoting safer driving habits and providing crucial evidence in the event of road incidents, helping to exonerate drivers from not-at-fault accidents. 

Integration with Sunroc’s existing enterprise technology systems allowed for uninterrupted operational workflows. Additionally, drivers are encouraged to use an accompanying app to analyze recorded driving habits and aid in coaching. Over time, the system’s sensitivity levels are adjusted to reflect good driving practices. 

This extensive investment demonstrates Sunroc’s commitment to creating a safe working environment and promoting safer roads. It’s another way Sunroc is Building a Better Community.

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