In response to the evolving needs of the construction industry, Sunroc has implemented critical leadership changes to ensure sustained growth and development. 

Construction Services 

Dave Clifford now leads Depatco in Eastern Idaho as the Area Manager of Construction. His track record during years spent in Western Idaho speaks for itself. 

“I’m very excited for the opportunity to help this area reach its fullest potential,” Dave said. “The team members are true professionals and together, with the great support of our senior leadership team, we will make this area one of the shining stars of the Clyde Companies.” 

Shane Miner will step up to fill the vacancy left by Dave in Boise, Idaho. His experience at both Sunroc and WW Clyde makes him an excellent fit for the role of Area Manager of Construction. 

“It’s our people that make Sunroc great, and our people in Boise are top shelf,” Shane said. “Our future is bright up here in the Gem State, and I am excited to work with our amazing team; they are like family to me.” 

Construction Materials 

In a move to bolster our Construction Materials division, Truston Humphries is now the Area Manager for Gravel and Asphalt in Southern Utah. Wayne Humphries will serve in a similar role as the Area Manager for Gravel and Asphalt in Northern Utah and Wyoming. 

“I feel deeply honored and humbled to lead in this new capacity,” Truston said. “I am grateful for the support and insights of my peers. In my new role, I hope to create a space for my team where growth and innovation thrive. At Sunroc, we’re a community that is committed to excellence.” 

“I am both excited and humbled by the opportunity to work as an area manager here at Sunroc,” Wayne said. “As I think back on my tenure here, the one thing that sticks out to me is the many people who have taken time to build me into who I am today. I hope to be able to continue that tradition of building others as I move forward in my new role. I feel very privileged to have this opportunity in a company as great as ours.” 

Congratulations to Dave, Shane, Truston, and Wayne on their new roles. We believe these changes will drive Sunroc’s continued success. We know that their leadership will help Sunroc continue to fulfill its mission of Building a Better Community. 

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