We Value People

We Value People: Rance Bess

Rance Bess is both an oldie and a newbie when it comes to working at [...]

We Value People: Jaime Edelmayer

Jaime Edelmayer has seen her fair share of the construction industry during the past 28 [...]

We Value People: Trent Davis

Without having prior earthwork knowledge or experience three years ago, Trent Davis has quickly moved [...]

We Value People: Shad Mecham

For Shad Mecham, job satisfaction is fundamental when it comes to seeking out a potential [...]

We Value People: Aunna Carlson

Even though Aunna Carlson has been with Sunroc for less than a year, working for [...]

We Value People: Tyson Prince

As one of the newest full-time employees of Sunroc, Tyson Prince sees limitless possibilities in [...]

First-Class Women in Construction: Janice VanDyke

  Women in Construction week is the first full week in March. Currently, only 13% [...]

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