Even though Aunna Carlson has been with Sunroc for less than a year, working for the company has felt second-nature due to family connections.  

“I first heard about Sunroc from my father-in-law,” Aunna said. “He owns Concrete Color & Design and provides color product to Sunroc in St. George, Utah. Sunroc has always been a topic of conversation because he has such a good relationship with so many people here. I’ve always heard that everyone was great at the company, and then to find out that it was just a part of something bigger with Clyde Companies, that just really opened the door for me. I also have a past with masonry, so it just kind of added up that I should work here.” 

Aunna brings five years of working in the exterior rock development space to Sunroc. As a Masonry Associate at the Bluffdale, Utah, location, her skillset has been extremely valuable. 

“At one of my last jobs, I would help design anything to do with the exterior of homes, from shiplap and stucco to exterior rock and brick,” Aunna said. “My career kept developing from there. So, coming to Sunroc, it just felt natural. I’m working with a completely different product, but I’m comfortable getting to know it.” 

There are a wide range of opportunities for Aunna to contribute in with the company, and she’ll do whatever is needed at the time. 

“I have worked my way to helping with production and assisting some of the sales reps here,” Aunna said. “I kind of love the perceived chaos. I love helping anywhere I can and getting to know the back side of production and everything that goes on there. I’ve run into a lot of familiar faces from my past jobs, which is awesome. I love seeing the masons I used to work with on a daily basis.” 

Despite being the only woman working at her location, Aunna doesn’t feel intimidated in the slightest. 

“I don’t mind that it’s just me in our office,” Aunna said. “That might just be my type of personality, but I feel like a lot of women look at construction and development and are intimidated because they’ve always been labeled as jobs for men. We’re in a different era now, and I don’t think it matters anymore—I wish more women would feel that way and join the industry. I’m always respected around here.” 

That respect stems from a core foundation of Sunroc and its parent company, Clyde Companies. 

“It feels like their employees are priorities,” Aunna said. “You immediately understand what the company values are and what they expect out of you up front. There’s not a lot of hidden agendas, everything is laid out for you. I’ve never felt belittled here. I feel like everyone works as a team, and that’s the same for employees at other subsidiary companies in the organization that I’ve met. I do appreciate that. No matter someone’s title, everyone’s willing to work as a team.” 

As Aunna works together with her team and continues to grow, she believes she’ll be able to stay with the company for some time. 

“I want to grow and be acknowledged of my growth,” Aunna said. “I feel like personal growth is always happening for me. I never feel bored at work because there’s always so much going on. It is worth it to work here. As long as I feel like I am continuing to learn something, I will always be happy anywhere within the company.”

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