Dan Hollist stands out as a leader with a strong work ethic and a passion for his job. With 22 years of experience, including 16 at Depatco, Dan has played a pivotal role in Sunroc’s (DBA Depatco) growth and success in Eastern Idaho. 

Overseeing Projects and People 

As a general superintendent, Dan is responsible for overseeing 95 individuals and countless pieces of equipment. He plays a vital role in keeping projects on schedule, ensuring the availability of the necessary tools, and training efficient crews. 

“We do everything,” Dan said. “We run equipment, lay pipe, fill gaps, and manage our people to be better. It’s about watching jobs go from start to finish and seeing the effort that goes into them.” 

Love of the Outdoors and His Team 

Dan is able to combine two of his favorite aspects of the job while Building a Better Community: his love for being outdoors and for working alongside his team. 

“I’ve always enjoyed being outside,” Dan said. “I take pride in working with the crew and witnessing the blood, sweat, and tears that go into each project—from the initial stages to the finished product.” 

From Farming to Construction 

With deep roots in farming and agriculture, Dan found a natural fit in the construction industry. He often draws parallels between the two fields and appreciates the similarities in work ethic and processes. 

“Construction is similar to agriculture in many ways,” Dan said. “I started working in excavation in 2001 and quickly found a passion in this industry.” 

Our Word is Our Bond 

Dan believes in the power of honesty and commitment; he especially resonates with the company value of “Our Word is Our Bond.” He truly understands the importance of keeping promises, regardless of profit or loss, and has seen Depatco standing firmly behind this principle. 

“It’s just like a good old-fashioned handshake in the old days,” Dan said. “Back when you could shake somebody’s hand and you knew there was something behind it. If they told you they were going to do it, they were going to do it.” 

Peer Recognition for Greatness 

Division Manager Brent Turpin considers Dan a pleasure to work with and be around, no matter the circumstances. 

“Dan is always looking for ways to help improve a situation,” Brent said. “He is well respected among his peers and those he works with. He is very intelligent, and very willing and good at sharing his knowledge. He’s an extremely hard worker and will always find a way to accomplish seeming impossible tasks.” 

Looking ahead, Dan wants to see the industry continue to thrive and evolve as he works on challenging assignments. He’s thankful for the career opportunities he’s had. Dan truly believes that even though “construction is a tough trade to get into, it’s so worth it.” 

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