As a project engineer at Sunroc, Natalie Sumsion’s role extends far beyond the realm of spreadsheets and blueprints—she is helping transform the landscape of construction while breaking down barriers. 

“In meetings, it’s not uncommon for people to initially look to my superintendent for answers since I’m so young,” Natalie said. “But when they realize I’m the one who understands the project better than anyone else, their perception changes. It’s about earning respect through expertise.” 

Starting as an intern during college, Natalie quickly stood out by showing dedication to her trade. Following graduation from Brigham Young University, she transitioned to a full-time role with steadily increasing job responsibilities. 

“I have an incredible opportunity to learn and grow at Sunroc, and I’m excited for what lies ahead,” Natalie said. “I try to make sure that I’m enjoying every day on the job.” 

Natalie brings with her to Sunroc and its parent company, Clyde Companies, a legacy of collaboration and friendship that stretches back generations.  

“My great grandfather, Jim Sumsion, was doing railroad construction when W.W. Clyde (founder of Clyde Companies) reached out about working on a joint venture,” Natalie said. “W.W. wanted to get his foot in the door of road construction, and he worked very closely with Jim over the next few years. 

“My grandfather, Dick Sumsion, recollects very clearly when W.W. called him a few months before he passed away and told him that Jim was always one of his best friends. The Sumsion’s and Clyde’s have been heavily intertwined since that initial partnership, and that legacy has a huge part in being where I am today.” 

While Natalie takes immense pride in being part of this legacy, she is also passionate about establishing her own reputation in the industry through hard work and expertise, independent of her family’s merits. 

From overseeing the construction of tilt-up buildings in Springville to transforming the old Provo mall into a vibrant new space, Natalie’s projects are consistently Building a Better Community

“At Sunroc, I’ve been fortunate to work with an incredible team,” Natalie said. “From the first day, I felt a sense of camaraderie and support that’s rare to find. It’s truly rewarding to work alongside individuals who want to excel as much as me.” 

Not only has Natalie been “Building Confidence” with clients and owners through her expertise and dedication, but her passion for her work has been noticed by her fellow co-workers and colleagues, including Construction Area Manager Tyler Grunander. 

“Natalie has been awesome to work with and to watch her learn and grow,” Tyler said. “The first thing I noticed about her is that she’s very detail-oriented and has a great understanding of the plans. She’s become very bold and stands up for Sunroc in a way that supports and strengthens our relationships with general contractors. 

“She’s very hands-on, spends a lot of time in the field, but still finds time to handle paperwork. She’s been running her own jobs and handling multiple projects very well. Natalie is very good to work with, and she addresses problems or issues proactively. She pushes for solutions and eliminates roadblocks before they become issues in the field. Her jobs have been really successful because of her proactive approach.” 

When Natalie’s not orchestrating complex construction projects, she can be found coaching softball at her alma mater, Springville High School. 

“Softball has always been a part of my life,” Natalie said. “I played growing up, and now, being able to give back to the next generation of athletes has been a lot of fun.” 

Looking to the future, Natalie hopes to inspire other women to pursue careers in construction by sharing her first-hand experience of endless opportunities for growth at Sunroc. 

“Finding something that you want to do for the rest of your life can be challenging,” Natalie said. “You need to find an environment that’s a really good fit and where you can start and develop a career, and that’s something I found in Sunroc. I really love it here.” 

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